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A Framework for Mitigating Hardcoded Credentials related Attacks in IoT Share

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging thechnology with the objectives
to access and control any processing devices anywhere at anytime. Smart home
and cities, smart grids, smart farming, healthcare, industry, transportation,
etc., are some of the innovative applications of IoT. On the other side of IoT,
its limited processing capabilities, memory, power, etc., pose challenging issues
such as security, power management, ease of design and development etc.
Hardcoded credentials [1][2] such as login id and password used for initial
congurations of the IoT devices are highly vulnerable to attacks such as Mirai
malware, wreak havoc, etc. Access to IoT's cshell service is one of the most
severe aws of hardcoded credentials. Some of the reasons for these attacks,
includes, availability of plaintext hardcoded credentials on IoT devices provided
by the manufacturers and uniform pattern of these credentials used in IoT
devices manufactured by a single manufacture [3].
This research work intended to address the hardcoded credentials related attacks
in IoT using Quick Response (QR) code. The primary advantage of QR code is,
hardcoded credentials in IoT will be displayed as an image consisting of necesary
details for the initial conguration of IoT devices. Secondary advantage, unique
pattern of QR code on every IoT devices manufactured by a single manufacture.

Principal Investigator : Dr. B. R. Chandavarkar | Contact : brcnitk@gmail.com

Estimated Budget : 13,86,000

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