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Chito-oligosaccharides for medical and food applications Share

Karnataka seafood industries exported about 4.5 lac tons of shrimps last year. Chitin is the second largest biopolymer on earth and is obtained from the waste of the shrimp industries (about 15-20% of the shrimp waste). However, because of its insoluble nature, chitin does not have useful applications. However, the oligosaccharides of chitin, also called as chito-oligosaccharides has numerous medical and food applications. My group has been working on development of indigenous enzyme based technology to develop chito-oligosaccharides. We screened and identified novel marine enzymes from the Indian ocean, which can produce chito-oligosaccharides. We want to develop recombinant enzyme for its hyper production. This project is aimed for development of recombinant chitin modifying enzymes for chito-oligosaccharide production.


1. Recombinant chitin modifying enzyme production from a marine source

2. Chito-oligosaccharides production using the recombinant enzyme


Principal Investigator : Dr. Keyur Raval | Contact : keyurnraval@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 3,00,000

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