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Trishul Jal Sanchayan Share

Trishul Jal Sanchayan is an exclusive project of groundwater recharge for Trishul(8th Block) hostel
surroundings. The recharge system will be surrounded by lush green foliage and a seating arrangement
led by a path of pebbles. This ambiance will emanate a sense of peace and calmness to the area. All the
design, planning and execution aspects will follow the guidelines provided by Central Ground Water
Board involving georesistivity study, hydrological urban ood model study etc. The water from all
the three rooftops and surface run -os are diverted to recharge structure location by passing through
a bar screen which ensures the removal of all kinds of solid matters which otherwise clog the water
ow or deposit in the recharge pond leading to progressive reduced storage capacity and inltration
rates. The location of recharge cum storage structure is selected on the basis of preliminary survey
of catchment and hydrological modelling results.

Principal Investigator : Dr. Pruthviraj Umesh | Contact : pruthviu@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 11,00,000

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