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The CAMP-81 initiative was conceived in DEC 2017 by R. Krishnamurthy, Col. K.T. Udupa (Retd) &  Prof. M.B.Saidutta of 1981 Batch as part of the batch reunion on 14th & 15th DEC 2018.  

The first meeting with Prof. Karnam Ummaheswara Rao (Director- NITK) took place on 13th DEC 2017  at his chamber. Initially, Director expressed his past experiences with similar NITK Alumni reunion  meets as well as positive happenings in other premier institutes etc. Subsequently towards  conclusion of the meeting which lasted for more than 45 minutes, he expressed his wholehearted  support to our target of contributing approx. Rs. 1 Cr (100 Lakhs) during the proposed reunion in  DEC 2018 to the NITK/KREC ENDOWMENT FUND as part of “GIVING BACK” by 1981 Batch having a  strength of approx. 250 members. 

After series of meetings with Prof. Prasad Krishna, then Dean (AA &IR), Prof. Ananthanarayana (Dean  (R&C), Prof. KV.Gangadharan, Head CSD, other departmental professors, NITK administrative officers  and batch Alumni etc, it was decided unanimously by the 81 Batch group that Alumni who are  interested to contribute can do so voluntarily to the institution endowment fund without any cap on  the contribution amount stating the purpose of its usage for the various departmental/institutional  projects collated through Dean (R&C). The Dean (AA & IR) as well as NITK administration advised  that contribution to institution ENDOWMENT FUND shall qualify for 100% Tax exemption under  section 80G of the IT tax laws. 

The first contribution of Rs.2 Lacs was handed over to Director in the presence of Dean (AA&IR) in  July 2018 and by 14th DEC 2018, just before the batch reunion, Rs.40 Lacs was contributed and  further pledge of 5 Lacs was confirmed . Out of the 125 or so batchmates participated in the  Reunion, around 45 to 50 Alumni contributed by end of the Reunion. 

Subsequently, many of the batch Alumnus expressed interest to take up a couple projects to a  logical end and Campus waste to Energy project initiated by Dr. Vasudev & Prof. Ashok Babu of  Mechanical department was one of them. 

An expert lecture by Dr. Vanita Prasad of M/s Revy Environmental Solutions, Baroda in Feb 2019  followed by various meetings, discussion with equipment suppliers, visit to their project installation  sites etc were organized in this connection in 2019 and certain fresh pledges for funds were received from some of the 81 Batchmates.  

By Jan 2020, around Rs. 15 Lakhs was made available for the project from 1981 Batch. This was not  sufficient to fund the complete project. However, efforts were being made continuously to mobilise  fund and in the process, on 8th Jan 2020, 1981 Batchmate Mr. Milind Baride, who is working as V.P (  Contracts & Business development) in Maire Tecnimont group, Italy expressed his interest to  

undertake the complete project and support 2 research scholars as part of their CSR activity.  

Subsequently after a couple of meetings at Technmont office in Mumbai & subsequently in NITK in  Mar’20, a MOU for implementation of the “CWEP” was commenced. The company deposited entire  amount of approx.Rs.44 Lakhs to NITK/ENDOWMENT FUND in end March 2020 and assured to 

extend further supports in the years to come including establishment of advanced centre of research  on satisfactory project completion. 

A few months delay happened due to COVID related lock downs. However, NITK successfully  executed the project in time and inaugurated the plant formally on 25th March 2021 in the presence  of Company officials and Alumni as well as signed a MoC with Maire Tecnimont to establish centre  for research on circular economy, which shall be funded by Maire Technimont group for years to  come. 

Apart form the above, as part of CAMP 81 initiative, the following activities were done on group  basis: 

- Distribution of grocery kit through NITK cooperative society to the needy - Establishment of 2 Merit cum means scholarship @ Rs.10000/= per Annum for SSLC pass  wards of temporary/non-teaching contract staff etc. 

Through CAMP initiative of our 1981 Batch, a total of Rs, 132.2 lakh was given to our Almamater till 31th Mar 2021. 

On an Individual basis, on behalf of M/s. Continuum Green Energy, R.Krishnamurthy had taken up  the following collaborative tasks and is under implementation. 

- Forecasting and Scheduling modeling for a Grid scale Solar farm to reduce margin of error  to less than 10% (MoU with Dr. Y. Kashyap, EEE, NITK) 

- Pilot study for usage of Drone survey of Grid Scale Solar Farm (Centre for System Design,  NITK) 

We as 1981 batch is very proud for having been able to “GIVE BACK” in a small way to our beloved Almamater through the CAMP -81 initiative and thank Chairman (BoG), Director, Dean (AA & IR),  Professors, Administrative staff of NITK for having extended all support proactively to mutual benefit on behalf of 1981 Batch 

We take this opportunity to mention that there are ample opportunities available to  participate in similar initiatives for mutual benefit as a group/ individual basis and wish that  other batch Alumnus shall follow and excel further in this aspect.