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NITK Covid Response Team - NITK initiative

Dear Alumni, Students and Staff of NITK,

This is the link to NITK Covid Response Team Google Sheet


Please circulate this sheet's link in all alumni batches, groups & chapters.

Requesting all batches' volunteers to come forward and join us, so that we can support the covid-affected NITKians & their family across India.

Please use the "Volunteers" tab of the above-shared sheet to reach us through the already onboarded volunteers listed in the "Volunteers" tab of the sheet.

Please use this format for reporting active covid-affected cases of "NITK alumni & even their immediate family members only" through whatsapp to volunteering alumni whose details are provided under "Volunteers" tab of the above mentioned Google spreadsheet:

Health Info:
Covid Status/Need:
Other health Issues:
Insurance Status (Yes/No):
ICU Needed (Yes/No):

Personal Info:
Relationship with NITK alumni:
NITK alumni’s Name, Number & Batch:
Patient Name:
Attendant Name:
Attendant Number:

This is an NITK initiative - We all together have to hold each other to get across to the light which is definitely there at the end of this tunnel...many many thanks!