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Free Art of Living Immunity Boost Program for NITK Staff, Students, Alumni and their families

The situation with the pandemic is currently at its very worst.  In these times it will be greatly beneficial if we focus on matters that are within our control. One thing we can definitely do which is very much under our control is improving our immunity.


Yoga is known to be one of the most effective natural immunity boosters. A recent research published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine suggests that yoga can be a helpful way to boost our immune system and decrease inflammation in the body. A regular Yoga practice can effectively lower stress hormones, strengthen the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system, while also removing toxins from the body.  Some kind of daily yoga practice can reduce anxiety and calm the mind, thereby enhancing the quality of sleep.  A good sleep is healing and is the biggest contributor to maintaining a healthy immune system.


For the benefit of the NITK Alumni, Staff, Students & Family we are launching Free Online 3 Day Immunity Boost Programs (Mon/Tue/Wed 45 minutes per day).  There will be 3 batches per week (6:00 AM-6:45 AM /6:45 AM– 7:30 AM  and 7:30 AM -8:15 AM ) .  These free programs will start May 17th and go on till end-June.  If required we will also have batches in July. Also if required we will announce additional batches in the evening.  NITK Alumni, Staff, Students & Family members can register at https://bit.ly/nitkprogram .  For any questions we have a support line at 08047166480 and a Whatsapp facility at 9742279306.  


This initiative is specific to residents of India. We do request you to communicate this to our Alumni, Staff and Students, so that they can avail of this opportunity.


Please do also find attached a poster about this initiative.



Thanking you.


Warm regards,

Subramanian Bharat Iyer, NITK Alumni , 1994 E&E. Art of Living Faculty.

Satyendra Pandey, NITK Alumni, 1994 Mech. Art of Living Faculty.




+ 91 9845717802


Free Art of Living Immunity Boost Program for NITK Staff, Students, Alumni and their families