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A Robust and Economical Multipurpose Health Monitoring Jacket using Internet of Things Share

Wearable devices made up of the Internet of Things IoT for Health monitoring is currently increasing. It is estimated that the requirement of self-health monitoring and preventive medicine will have a dramatic increase in the number of seniors until 2020. Multipurpose Remote Health Monitoring MRHM can provide useful physiological diagnostic information continuously and any vital change will alert the respective medical practitioner for the measures. This monitoring is especially useful for the elderly or chronically ill patients. The apron is designed for bedridden patients in the hospitals and the Jacket is for the patients who can work and stay at home and require monitoring. The EEG will read the feelings of the patients once they wear the apron along with the EEG module and notifies the nurses and the respective doctors for the further requirements or the pains of the patients. We aim to develop an MRHM system that can monitor health vitals heart rate and temperature, along with step detection by which they may fall, thirsty, hungry and on of the user without being intrusive and also allow the user to monitor these vitals on a companion Android Application.


Our main objective is to develop a smart Apron and Jacket with ECG embedded sensors that can track heart rate, temperature, sugar level, oxygen level, steps oscillation, Breathing Rate RPM, Peak acceleration, stress monitoring, EEG and notify the doctor on any vitals fluctuate or an emergency. To alert doctors by an APP

Principal Investigator : bhawana rudra | Contact : bhawanarudra7@gmail.com

Estimated Budget : 2695936

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