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Early Warning Device for the Avoidance of Accidents at Curve Prone Areas Share

Roads are the paramount important part in developing countries like INDIA. Transportation of daily goods occurs along with the Roadways. These are opted due to the speed, convenience, flexibility, reliability providing shortest routes to the cities and Towns. The roads connecting to others for easy transportation are facing issues due to natural calamities, human activities, for which accidents have become very common. The government has considered the gradual increase in several vehicles, expanded the roads from 2 to 4 lanes and 4 to 6 lanes, even come up with the concept of Green corridors and Golden corridors. These are very good initiatives taken by the government to reduce the accidents and the results are also positive. The initiatives are still in process with some safety measures, installing cameras for the surveillance of traffic, advertisements, etc.. These kinds of implementations are difficult at hilly or dense roads of the forest as the flora and fauna should not be disturbed. With a lot of effort, the government has laid roads in hilly areas and forests for the ease of transportation. Roads consist of various curves like horizontal curve, hairpin curve, etc to reach the destinations and of limited width in a dense area makes it difficult to know about the vehicles which are coming in the opposite direction. There is a possibility of accidents to happen more due to the overtake, loss of control of the vehicle, etc., 
If an accident occurs on such type of roads, the complete transportation will be stagnated for hours together definitely which results in great loss. To avoid this kind of loss, we propose a device that can warn the drivers about the vehicles which are not only coming in the opposite direction but also the vehicles which are trying to overtake and the vehicles in the standby position. The procedure involves the sensor deployment on either side of the road, cameras mounted on the top of the light poles. The device present in the vehicle will be automatically ON when it enters into the vicinity of the sensors, sensors capture the images from the cameras and send it for the display on the device based on the algorithm. The device will display the traffic continuously in the form of images that are approaching from the opposite direction. The sensors will send updates to the vehicle nodes periodically. If any node id failed, sensors will send the queries to that node, if replies the RSS will allow the node to join. If any collision, or accident occurs, an alarm will be triggered and information will be sent to the nearest hospital and police. The device displays the traffic flow, for the users to know about the traffic flow. 
The information captured from the sensors will be saved in the server for the further process.

The analysis can be performed to take precautionary steps for the avoidance of accidents. Objectives : 
• Build a real-time Alert system for the avoidance of accidents in various curved areas. 
• To Deploy the ultrasonic sensors, Cameras, on either of the roads for the device activation based on the algorithm. 
• To Develop an APP that will start when the vehicle enters into the vicinity for the display of vehicles

Principal Investigator : bhawana rudra | Contact : bhawanarudra7@gmail.com

Estimated Budget : 22,88,008

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