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An Investigation on the Factors Influencing Drivers’ Decision Making on Lane Selection at Toll Plazas Share

The effect of traffic heterogeneity is also reflected on the operation of Toll Plazas. Toll plazas collects fee from the users and this fee differs from vehicle-to-vehicle and the operator needs to identify the approaching vehicle to finalize on the fee that is to be levied. Although in many of the toll plazas, different lanes are allocated for each of the vehicle categories, drivers seldom respect that and select the lane according to their convenience. The present research is aimed at identifying the factors that could have lead drivers to make this decision. And a better understanding of these factors will enable the planners to adopt better strategies which will indirectly influence the decision making process of drivers who approaches the toll plaza.

Principal Investigator : Dr. Mithun Mohan | Contact : mithun@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 100,000

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