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Cost reduction and improvement of profit of an accurately modeled micro grid under transactive energy environment. Share

Micro-grids are increasingly getting popular due to the renewable energy characteristics and their ability to supply local loads during faulty conditions in the upstream network. Scheduling of such networks is a complicated process, owing to intermittent nature of the renewable sources, especially if the solar and wind farms are connected at a point where the combination of different types of loads are present. Probabilistic power obtained from such resources needs energy storage systems to utilize the power generated at off peak hours suitably. The scheduling of such systems are also restricted due to various other conditions such as islanding, local overloading conditions to name a few. Robust operation of such micro-grids is necessary to ensure the reliability and to support the utility grid in case of power system instability. 

The work involves meeting the energy requirement of the micro-grid in terms of load and the generation pattern of intermittent energy sources. 
Also, a sub-problem is defined considering the economic aspects of the micro-grid for the optimal transfer of power between energy storage systems, utility grid and the inter micro-grid transfer. 
This involves complex computation which requires high performance solvers.

Principal Investigator : Dr Vinatha U | Contact : u_vinatha@yahoo.co.in

Estimated Budget : 3,00,000

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