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Intelligent Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles to improve the mileage Share

Energy for the transportation industry in the recent economy is facing several problems such as high energy utilization, environmental pollution, an increase in fossil fuel prices and resource depletion. An alternative for IC engine with Electric vehicles (EV) and Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are developed, and extensive researches are undergoing to improve the efficiency of traction and enhanced energy management strategies. It is predicted that by 2030, 50% of gasoline vehicles running in the roads will be replaced by electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles because of fuel deficiency.
A vehicle with fast response traction control with reduced noise, better comfort, and efficient energy management strategies are to be attained for developing user-friendly electric vehicles to compete with the IC engine vehicle variants. Since lithium-ion batteries are mostly used in EV and HEV the cost of batteries which includes battery pack size cost which is a significant part of vehicle cost (25 – 30 %), battery degradation cost (Depth of discharge and temperature-related) and usage of electric energy for high power vehicles are to be considered as a future aspect.

Since we have limited charging stations as compared to IC engines, therefore, to achieve a good control strategy that satisfies both the motor traction performance and develop an efficient EMS for Battery-SC- HESS(Hybrid Energy Storage Systems) to improve the mileage. That improves the life of the battery, attains a better energy economy which will be a trend to get maximum attention. Supercapacitors will support the battery to avoid it's overstressing during high power demand conditions and also extract the regenerative charge during the braking. The temperature of the battery can be operated to a desired safe limit to achieve a better lifetime of the battery and eventually reduce the cost of battery

Principal Investigator : Dr. Y. Kashyap | Contact : yashwant.kashyap@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 2,33,875.00

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