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Development of low cost tungsten oxide based antifouling coating on steel for marine applications Share

In marine fields, one of the most concerning problems is bio-fouling. Bio-fouling not only increases the weight due to unwanted accumulation of marine species but also decreases the efficiency of the ships by using excess fuel. Most of the marine materials are made off different grades of steel, where the effect of bio-fouling is severe. A variety of polymer-based antifouling paints were commercialized, but these paints are not mechanically strong and long-lasting. They also have challenges like poor adhesion to the metal surface and bio-compatibility.

As the different grades of steels are affected by bio-fouling, tungsten oxide can be coated on those surfaces to resist bio-fouling. In this work, tungsten oxide as an anti-fouling coating will be coated on different grades of steel surfaces, mostly used in ships and other marine vehicles, through different types of facile low-cost solution-processed techniques such as spray pyrolysis, ultrasonic spraying, and electrodeposition. Along with the antifouling properties, tungsten oxide coatings are mechanically hard, durable and robust, these coatings can last longer on the steel surfaces.

Principal Investigator : Saumen Mandal Faculty , Metallurgy Dept | Contact : smandal@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 1.5 Lakhs

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