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CSD Robocon NITK Team consists of 30 ingenious undergraduate students across a diverse set of branches working together to take part in the Ultimate Robotics Contest for Undergraduates – ABU Robocon.  Every year (since 2002), one of the member countries of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union which Doordarshan – India is part of, hosts the ABU Robocon. In August of 2017, ABU Robocon 2018, theme and rules were announced by Vietnam and the journey began for, the First Team from NITK to take part in Robocon. 

We build bots that aim at incredible Precision, Reliability, and Speed or in other words industry-grade performance. 

To take part in Robocon, the team must not only be proficient and innovative in Mechanical Design, Electronics Design and Programming but also back it up with soft skills like Building/Manufacturing skills, Management (Time and Resources and Team Dynamics), but above all must have a constant drive and motivation to keep going ahead.

As a rookie team, we are proud to say, we not only created two bots that reliably complete the task, but made NITK proud, on National Television by bagging the “First time Best Usage of MATLAB” Award. Quoting Veer Alakshendra, Student Competition Technical Evangelist, MathWorks India Pvt. Ltd. “The MathWorks team was happy to see the model-based design workflow: design, simulate and deploy”. From Conceptualization to Competing, the team has learned many lessons and made many mistakes. But in the following year in ABU Robocon 2020 (FIJI) we execute the lessons learned and correct our mistakes and aim for absolute excellence in every aspect of the project.

Making a robot that would not just be economic but also efficient is a tenacious task. We face challenges while designing and manufacturing our robot. But being undergraduates, our biggest challenge is in raising the funds required to accomplish our project. Join us to help Team Robocon achieve the podium in the prestigious event, ROBOCON 2020. The smallest of your support will help us get one step closer to our dreams

Principal Investigator : Faculty Advisor - Dr. Pruthviraj U | Contact : pruthviu@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 2,00,000

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