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Areca Nut sprayer Share

In recent years, worker scarcity has emerged as one of the foremost challenges in
farming. One of the crops that has been most affected by this is the areca nut. It is mandatory to climb the tree a minimum of five times a year for a successful harvest i.e., twice for the preventive spray against fungal disease, and thrice to harvest the areca nut. Only skilled workers can carry out this task. The primary objective of the proposed project is to design and develop a robot which can climb the Arecanut tree and spray pesticide, thereby reducing time and worker required for the same job.The robot will climb one tree and scan the surrounding trees for areca nut bunches, detect the ones requiring spraying using Image Processing and also determine the amount of pesticide to be sprayed, distance to spray, angle and other requirements.This robot is completely autonomous and reduces the time and dependence on worker. The sprayer sprays pesticide to the  adjacent trees with good level of accuracy.

Principal Investigator : venkatesaperumal B | Contact : bvperumal@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 200000

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