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User-InteractiveSolar-PoweredElectric Grass Cutter (ISGC) Share

We are attempting to convert the traditional grass cutter from a simple on-and-off device into an environment-friendly machine with more control, safety and interactive features. Conventional Petrol-Run-Cutters (PRCs) lead to significant amounts of carbon emission resulting in atmospheric pollution. These machines lack proper preventive measures, and force the user to resort to unsafe solutions in the case of any malfunctions or emergencies. Our Electric Grass-Cutter updates the user through real-time readings about the current state of the machine and has control functions that allow the user to take preventive actions before any possible failures occur. The user is also given speed and power control of the machine to ensure efficient and flexible operation. The battery of the machine can be charged through solar or the AC mains, ensuring zero carbon emission. The current mind set of most customers in India is that eco-friendly and green products cost a lot more than existing machines. This misconception makes the transition to environment-friendly products harder unless an example is made to help people overcome that misconception. In a situation like this, a Made-in-India product that fits the above criteria would be the best way to shift the one-sided monopoly of the market and give local companies more room to grow. Our product strives to be just that, an example from which other local producers will learn that ECs can be profit-making too and eventually push them to produce electric machines of their own. Once the customer-base slowly shifts towards electric machines, these local companies will again be strengthened. We aim to be the spark that gives local producers a window to contribute to healthy competition in the market. The Make-in-India scheme was a result of the Government understanding the need to strengthen our markets, and we want our product to be the starting point to enable that transition. By providing a better alternative to existing machines we can aid the transition of a foreign-dominated market towards one with more number of Indian producers as well as increase popularity of Electric Cutters (ECs) in the country.

Principal Investigator : venkatesaperumal B | Contact : bvperumal@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 350000

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