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The project proposes a new and efficient power converter system that implements bidirectional energy flow between Electric Vehicle (EV) and Single Phase Grid with solar integrated DC link. During the day time, the energy demand is very less but at same time a lot of energy will be available from renewable sources like solar. The load rises steeply at 17:00 - 18:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00 the energy demand is maximum and solar energy is absent. Such load curves are called “Duck Curves” and they are one of the main challenges in integrating solar energy to grid. Using EV as an energy source for grid is one of the solution. The proposed converter can be used at parking based charging stations with solar powered and grid connected. This arrangement is used to supply power to grid from both EV and solar at its maximum demand
time (except at travelling time). At lean periods, grid and solar together charges EV. With this bidirectional topology and proper control, all major requirements such as unity power factor, power quality and THD at grid side, constant charging current for battery, constant power supplied to grid and constant dc link voltage is achieved. Fast transition from one flow direction to other is provided. Independent control
loops are provided for all major quantities. The converter system could be considered as a combination of bidirectional full bridge dc to dc converter interfaced with a single phase bidirectional converter. Hysteresis controller is provided for the full bridge at grid side.

Principal Investigator : venkatesaperumal B | Contact : bvperumal@nitk.edu.in

Estimated Budget : 300000

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