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Development of Battery Management and User Interface Systems for Consumer Electronic Applications Share

Due to unreliable grid power supply, most of the consumers are moving towards the photovoltaic (PV) roof top systems for a backup source of supply. Since the PV is intermittent, batteries are the most vital parameter in any PV roof top systems and the cost of these batteries are high compared to other components in the whole system. Moreover, most of the cases, before the PV system reaches to its end of life, batteries get damage due to improper operation and maintenance. Therefore, this increases the recurring cost of system as the battery has to be replaced multiple times. Therefore, it would be advantageous if the consumer knows the safe operating conditions and present state of health of the battery. In India, Li-Ion battery market has been emerging and also it has surpassed 1GWh Li-Ion battery deployment in the applications like telecom BTS stations and ATM machines [1, 2]. According to NITI Aayog?s energy storage report [3], India is anticipating 120GWh cumulative battery requirement by year 2020.

Principal Investigator : Dr.R.Kalpana | Contact : dr.kalpana.nitk@gmail.com

Estimated Budget : 3,05,000

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